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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Oh I have so many crochet projects I want to make for the holidays.... but I fear I don't have enough time!  My family does a game each year where our gifts must start with the letter of the alphabet we are on for that year.  We are on E this year....  I have my outdoor enthusiast dad and my sister this year.  Since she's one of my 2 whole readers, I can't disclose any ideas for her, (not that I have any good ones yet...) but I'm thinking I'd like to make an Enormous afghan for my dad since he's so tall.  I was inspired by my sweet mom who started an afghan here during her visit this week and found it to be over 10 feet long!  Note: if you up your hook size, it ups the size of your stitches :)  Now, I'm thinking I don't need it to be 10 feet, maybe more like 7 1/2 feet... I just need to find a patter that would work up fast.  My issue is that I keep finding other little projects that I'd like to make as I work on these big projects.....  Anyhow - are you making gifts for Christmas this year?


  1. Just found your blog! Love that you always have a cup of Constant Comment ready! That made our day!
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea

  2. Deb - Constant Comment was my grandma's favorite tea. I love to drink it because it remindes me of her. It's also the best tea for little tea parties with my daughter - she loves it too!

  3. earmuffs! i love them, they keep you warm and don't muss up your hair! just an idea... love ya!

  4. Earl Gray tea.....

    Earmuffs with Enormous crocheted flowers on the ears!