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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Road 10: Handmade is now OPEN!

Finally Road 10; Handmade is now open!  I'd been making things here and there for a few weeks and yesterday had a little photo shoot with little missy (not the most cooperative model, but we ended up having a fun time with it).  I plan to keep adding items over time.  I need to take some photos with a few smaller models in some of the little hats and bibs.

I'm also wanting to get another good batch of vintage items photographed soon for Road 10: Vintage so it's stocked and ready for the holidays.

I am really trying this go round to not let myself get too overwhelmed or busy with the shops, to remember to enjoy the little bit of time left with the little one around most of the time.  She'll be off to school all day soon enough!  But, it's so great to have something that is an extension of me, something that let's me show my creativity and express my self.  I think that is really important as a young mom at home.  I think ever since missy was about a year old, I've been working on some sort of shop or idea or way to try and be creative and contribute to our household.  It's a very hard world to break into and I feel like I have so very very much to learn so I can become successful.  But I want to just start small, work out some patterns (all of the items in my handmade shop are patterns I have made up myself).  I think my biggest hope would be to maybe write a craft book of some sort, crochet maybe.

My hubby and I had a wonderful vacation last weekend to Las Vegas.  It was a fun time with friends and nice to be away from the norm for a bit. 

Vegas Strip from the top of the Stratosphere

Had to make a stop by the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop,
didn't see any of the guys from the show, but it was fun to see the place

Enjoyed a HUGE Margaretaville Blender

48oz of yumm! But mine was on the rocks :)
And now it's nice to be back home.  I think a vacation (no mater how nice or fun) is always nice to remind you that home is a wonderful place.

Now we are looking forward to the weekend festivities for Halloween!

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