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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good reads for you and your kiddo: Big Plans by Bob Shea & Charlot's Web by E.B. White

Big Plans!  Big Plans I say!
Little Missy and I have loved this book for ages now.  We haven't read it in quite a while (which we really must do soon - I enjoy reading it to her - I love books like that), but the other day a friend of mine told me how much her kids LOVE this book and they read it all the time.  It's a great read - very fun to read aloud and quite a few laughs to be had.
I think I some times forget about all the great books on her own bookcases.  We get such HUGE stacks from the library so we have fresh reading.  But we did pick something off Missy's shelf this evening - we've started reading a chapter book - Charlot's Web.  We did start this once before, but I think she was a little bit too young yet to keep her attention.  I'm very much looking forward to reading this one all the way though.  And I must admit, I can't recall reading this myself...  surely I did at some point, but it was long ago. 

Anyhow...  I'll be going now.  Off to start some work on an idea for bean bags and granny squares...

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