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Sunday, September 11, 2011

back into the swing of things.....

So I've been off dilly dally-ing this summer.  I put my Road 10 shop on vacation mode and still is so I could enjoy the summer, not really working on any thing.  It was a good summer.

Now that miss Lily is in back to school (has been for way over a month now) and since I have been out to the sales the last few weekends (bringing home trunk loads of treasures), I think I need to get the shop back open.  Which I'm quite excited about since I've have some really fun new goodies to put in the shop.

My biggest goal this week is to decide on what look I want my photos to look like.  Should I go the stark and simple look or the warm and cozy look?  I also need to get my inventory up dated!  And not to mention all the photographing and editing to be done.....  lots to do!

So I hope to be back soon to share the re-opening of the shop and to start sharing ideas, recipes, projects and other goodies that are circling my brain.

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  1. i would prefer a simple look because it always looks more sophisticated!