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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tangled Party - Rapunzel Hair Headbands with Tangled Flower Hair Clips

Hurray!  I've finished the first project for the Tangled Birthday Party! 

I had been thinking that I'd love for each girl to have long hair to wear, but buying wigs would be out of the question.  So how to make something.....

I thought of a headband Lily got at the Sunshine Festival last summer and knew I could work from that idea. 

Here's what I came up with!
To make 8 Headbands you will need:
  • Wire Garland - I picked Purple Stars.  I had wanted flowers, but couldn't find any, so I think purple fits well since that's the color of Rapunzel's dress.  Found this at Party City for about $1.00 each - I bought 2.
  • Yellow Curling Ribbon - $2.50, could have found this for less or used a coupon at a craft store, but I didn't want to do anymore running around that day - so I picked up 1 roll at Party City.
Measure a kiddo's noggin.  I did twice around with the garland to make it a little more full.  Twist the ends around to secure the band.


I measured the ribbon from the back of Lil's head to the floor.  I wanted the hair to be nice and long.  Double that length ( so 1 length of ribbon will be 2 strands of "hair").  Set up two chairs or something sturdy to wind the ribbon around.  Have the distance between them the length you want the ribbons to hang from the headband (so it would be the 1st measurement from the head to the floor).  Wind the all the ribbon around the chairs and cut at only 1 end. 


Using 2-3 strands of ribbon at a time, I would slip knot the ribbon at the half way point (like above, 1 length of ribbon is 2 strands of "hair") onto the headband and then tie a granny knot under the slip knot to keep it secure.  I worked on all the head bands at once to be sure each one had an even amount.  So, I would tie on 2-3 ribbons to each head band till they all had one and then start around again till you are out of ribbons.

Now, you could do quite a few things from here.  You could glue on flowers by the hair, braid it, add ribbons, do what ever you like to dress it up.  I wanted something the girls could use after the party, so I decided to make removable hair clips.

To make 8 Tangled Flower Hair Clips

  • Printable Shrinky Dink Sheets - Use a coupon for this one if you can.  I bought a 6 pack at Michael's for $7.00 after the coupon.  You could also use purple buttons or gems
  • 8 hair clips from the jewelry making section.  I had these already on hand, but I don't think they cost more than a dollar or two at the craft store.
  • Bunch of flowers - I had these on hand also.  Pull off 8 flowers and remove all the plastic centers and what not so you are left with only the petals.
  • Needle, thread and a hot glue gun
So, I used the Tangled Shirky Dinks printable found Disney Family Fun's Web site  and followed the directions on that came with the Shrinky Dinks (also had some help from my live in IT support aka - husband.  I think I used up at least 2-3 sheets before I got this right.... you DON'T print of the shinny side... I thought it said you DID... anyhow... after some snarling and growling at my printer and my dear hubby sorting it out,
we had ready to cut images!)
Cut out your "buttons" and follow the rest of the directions to shrink them.  You could punch holes in them to make them in to real buttons, but I decided to just hot glue them on.
Next you will get a hair clip, the flower and a button.

Stitch on the flower to the hair clip using the holes at the top of the clip.  You could glue the flower on, but I'm not sure how long that would hold with the bending of the hair clip.  Put some hot glue at the center of the flower and place the button on top of that and hold it down till it sets.
Then you can attach the hair clip to the top of the "hair" on each headband.


Lily loved it - she's decided she wants a Pascal hair clip on hers.

I think all the girls will have a great time having Rapunzel hair!
Now.... what to make for the boys? 
Lily has asked that I make them each a satchel like Flynn Rider.
(as she says "Satchel is a fancy word for BAG!")