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Friday, January 21, 2011

A 5th birthday party in the works.

So little missy is turning 5 next month.  I've been hemming and hawing over what sort of party to have - a Chuck E. Cheese party, bowling party or a home party.  After the research and decision to cut down the guest list (and wanting to not spend a giant wad of  money), we've decided on a home party. 

So while chatting with a friend today, she mentioned some one having a Tangled party.  I sat there thinking, how did this not occur to me?  It's little missy's new, most favorite, wonderful, movie.  She will ask me on the way home from school as we pass the movie theater, if we can go and see it again.  And all the great ideas popping into my head!  I did peek at the wonderful party on Super Mom Moments and feel inspired.  I am thinking of a tower and yards and yards and yards of yellow braided yarn.  Anyhow - I hope to try to document it as Super Mom Moments did and show you how to make what ever I end up making. 

I feel like a kid about this party!  I have to say that I have loved working on little missy's parties every year.

1st Birthday was Pink and Yellow and we used the theme of You are My Sunshine.  I made up a high chair tutu, banner and little photos all over the table around the cake.  Made some very delicious cookie pops (nilla waffers with melted carmel between, dipped in chocolate and on a stick - YUM!)

Her 2nd Birthday was all the basic colors.  Used a Wilton pan to make the Giant Cup Cake.  You can sort of see the top of the 2 on her shirt.  I appliqued on a number 2 and used the same fabric to make a matching skirt.  Had balloons and other simple decorations in the basic colors.

Her 3rd Birthday was the Pink Party. 
 Everything was pink. 
I think this has to be my most favorite cake I've done so far.  I'm not the best at cakes.  This one was the most easy and beautiful. I used 4 graduated sizes of cake pan.  2 in chocolate cake and 2 in white cake.  Layered them and frosted it all in white.  Showered it in Pink sprinkles.  I wound floral wire around a pencil and glued punch out butterflies from a vintage book to the top of the wires and stuck them in around the cake. 

For her 4th Birthday we did sort of a unicorn theme.  It was a simpler and smaller party than the ones before.  All the kids made unicorn masks as the craft and had coloring pages.  We played party games and I made a unicorn shaped cake - if you looked at it right it looked like a unicorn, mostly it looked like a poorly shaped bird.  But it tasted great and it was a fun party.

Well - I look forward to sharing the process of this 5th birthday party.  I think it will be fun!

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