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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Sunday morning...

I should make some toast.

I can remember a few Sunday mornings when I'd run over to my Grandma's house.  She would be making toast, a warm orangy sunshine would be coming in the east windows and Sunday Morning would be on the tv.  I can feel that feeling, and smell the toast.  It's one of my most favorites.

Anyhow - on this particular Sunday morning, Little Missy is visiting Grandma and Papa for the weekend and I was hoping to get large amounts of things done......

Well, I got one of the things on my list done, but I'm feeling so very lazy today.  And then I feel so very guilty that I am not using my time, my valuable alone time wisely. 

So I've made a nice pot of Earl Gray, I think I will try to chart out a bit of a crochet pattern I'm having trouble with, drink said tea and watch a movie I couldn't watch if that Little Missy was around....

Maybe afternoon will be more inspiring!

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